March 30, 2014

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AOCYPAA was formed in mid-1996 with a few distinct goals in mind. The excerpts used as a preamble to our guidelines were taken from our first ACYPAA bid package need statement. Our first couple of meetings at the Newport Alano club showed us that there was a definite problem in Orange County and its surrounding areas concerning unity and fellowship among young people in A.A. These meetings drew over 50 young people concerned about our future and from these meetings AOCYPAA was spawned. We knew we needed order in forming this committee. The best way we saw fit to create order was to follow the path laid down by the young people before us in ACYPAA.
We formed A­OCYPAA with two distinct goals in mind. First, we are to be of maximum service to others, which includes carrying the message of recovery to newcomers. Second, we must foster unity. For without unity, we risk losing everything. We are confident in accomplishing these goals. For the first time in many years, the Northern, Central, and Southern **Orange County young peoples’ groups have come together. AOCYPAA /is welcoming all groups to unite with us in our journey towards recovery.
Excerpts from the Need Statement
Of AOCYPAA’s 1997 Bid Package.
I. Membership
1. The term Committee Member shall refer to any member of Alcoholics Anonymous that would like to be recognized as an AOCYPAA member.
2. The term Voting Committee Member shall refer to any member of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting the following requirements:
a. Holds an elected position on AOCYPAA or
b. Attends three consecutive business meetings and wishes to be recognized as a voting committee member. Voting committee membership will take effect at the beginning of the individual’s third consecutive meeting.
c. At the beginning of each term each member must attend 3 consecutive business meetings to vote.
3. Attendance
a. Failure to attend two consecutive AOCYPAA business meetings or events without prior notice to the Chair or Secretary shall be considered a resignation of committee position and a loss of voting rights.
b. Failure to attend six AOCYPAA business meetings or events per term shall be considered a resignation of committee position and a loss of voting rights.
c. If a member holding a chair position is able to provide proxy reports emailed or texted to the chair or co-chair and continues to fulfill his/her commitment description, the attendance requirement will be waved if member is prohibited to attend business meetings due to a legitimate outside commitment.
d. If a member holding a committee position is voted into a new committee position, or moves up from a Co-position to a chair position, the counter on absences will remain. (as the term has not been interrupted)
e. If a member’s committee position is relinquished, and voted back in, the count on absences will be reset to zero at reinstation of committee position.
f. If a member has a commitment with another Alcoholics Anonymous committee requiring presence from AOCYPAA, such as H&I or Area Conference, absences due to these commitments will not be counted against committee membership.
4. Resignations and Removals.
a. Any elected AOCYPAA member can resign their position by notifying the Chair.
b. Any break in continuous sobriety is considered a resignation of committee position and voting rights.
c. Any elected AOCYPAA member may be removed from their position by a 2/3 vote.
II. Rules of Discussion
1. Sub Committee Reports
a. Each sub-committee shall give their report at every committee meeting.
b. Discussion and questions to the sub-committee will be allowed at the end of each respective report and must pertain to that sub-committee.
2. All discussion requires listening. Consideration to the speaker is imperative.
3. Discussion shall be concise, courteous, and dignified.
4. The Chair, Co-Chair, and By-Laws Chair are the only members who can interrupt a speaker under the following criteria:
a. Speaking off topic
b. Speaking too long
c. Repeating previous points at length.
d. Discussion is not dignified.
e. Meeting is going over time.
f. A question of procedure arises.
III. Motions
1. Motions Requiring Action
a. Motions may be made by voting committee members; the Chair is not eligible.
b. All motions must appear in the minutes.
c. Motions will be presented as follows:
i. One motion is made and decided at a time.
ii. Motion must be seconded (by a voting committee member)
iii. Discussion (if necessary)
iv. Secretary shall repeat the motion.
v. Call for vote.
vi. Motion is decided
vii. Call for minority opinion
viii. Minority opinion voiced. (Each minority vote can only speak once)
ix. Ask if there has been a change in the majority vote
x. If anyone of the majority vote wishes to change their vote, repeat steps v. and vi.
There is no minority opinion if a second vote is taken.
xi. If there is no change in majority vote then vote stands.
xii. At any time before the vote, the motion may be withdrawn by the person presenting the motion.
xiii. A motions result will be considered final.
xiv. Amendments to motions must be seconded by any voting committee member.
2. Procedural Motions
a. Procedural motions may be made by voting committee members.
b. The following procedural motions must be seconded, discussed if necessary, and require a majority vote to pass.
a. Approve minutes.
b. Close discussion (if there is no motion on the floor)\
c. Table of an item
1. Discussion is limited to once per member.
2. IF motion passes, the item automatically becomes old business on the next meeting’s agenda.
d. Break or close of a meeting.
IV. Voting
1. Voting shall be made only by a show of hands in a business meeting, and requires a 2/3 vote to pass. This includes, but is not limited to the following situations:
a. Amending the By-Laws. Motions to amend the By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the By-Laws Chair prior to the motion being presented; discussion will take place then voted on at the next business meeting under old business.
b. Approving Budgets.
c. Creating or deleting positions.
2. Each voting committee member has one vote and are the only ones allowed to vote.
3. The Chair will count all votes and can only vote to break ties.
4. Absentee voting is not permitted.
5. All decisions should be reached by a discussion with an informed group conscience and, whenever possible, with substantial unanimity.
V. Budgets, Reserves, and Donations
1. All budgets requiring the allocation of more than $100 must be submitted in writing to the committee for approval before any funds are to be distributed. Budgets are to be submitted for approval no later than two weeks before requested date of fund allocation. All budgets must be detailed and receipts turned in to the Treasurer.
2. Funds shall be distributed to the appropriate chairs. Distribution of funds will not exceed the approved budget amount. Funds may not be reallocated to other chairs.
3. The Treasurer has the authority to allocate up to $100 in emergency funds. A record of this allocation must be included in the Treasurers re3port at the next business meeting.
4. The Treasurer, with the approval from the Chair or Co-Chair, and an additional Officer, has the authority to allocate additional funds in excess of $100, but not to exceed $500. A record of this allocation must be included in the Treasurers report at the next business meeting.
5. In case of an emergency situation, an Officer meeting, as defined as ALL officers, may be held to implement an emergency budget.
6. A large event budget, defined by $1000 or more, must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the event. A small event, defined by under $1000, must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the event.
7. AOCYPAA shall hold $1500 as a Prudent Reserve. This money is put aside for use in extraordinary circumstances. It is not held for use in normal circumstances. Only a 2/3 approval by the committee will allow use of the reserve after our regular account has been exhausted.
8. AOCYPAA shall hold a $1000 Working Capital at the end of each term for the next committees Operating Budget.
9. Annual donations: At the end of the business year, defined as the last meeting before elections, the committee will donate all monies exceeding $2500 ($1500 Prudent Reserve and $1000 Working Capital)
10. Annual donations will be distributed in the following manner:
45%: Distributed evenly to all Orange County Central offices.
30%: General Service Office
10% Mid-Southern California Area
10% Evenly between Orange County H&I Offices
5% Local District (18)
11. Special donations made are to be made with a 2/3 vote.
VI. Elections
1. Elections for all positions shall be carried out using the Third Legacy procedure as outlined in the AA Service Manual.
2. All AA attendees are eligible to vote during the election of committee positions.
3. In the case of a candidate running unopposed, the individual will still require a 2/3 vote of the members present to be elected to the position. This is accomplished by the individual running against “X”. Voting committee members may vote for the candidate or “X”.
4. Individuals are allowed to make themselves available for a position by proxy. It is recommended that they provide either a written statement of their qualifications or have a representative verbally state their qualifications.
5. Elections are considered business meetings.
6. The Chair may vote while electing positions for committee members.
VII. Positions
a. Chairperson:
Oversees all business/bid committee operations of AOCYPAA, upholds the Traditions of A.A., Is responsible for organizing and leading meetings, Prepares agenda for meetings. Is responsible for calling emergency meetings, Maintain records throughout the year. Is to review committee performance with each individual (if necessary) One on one. They will be responsible of notifying members lacking in performance of probationary status. Duties will also include checking the content of the AOCYPAA web page.
Suggested sobriety is 5 years with service experience.
b. Co-Chair:
Is responsible for taking over the Chair position in emergency situations. Shall accept same duties as the Chair as distributed by the Chair. Is the second signature on all financial accounts?
Suggested sobriety is 4 years with service experience. They shall also be responsible for coordinating the monthly traveling meeting.
c. Treasurer:
Coordinates all monetary functions. Is authorized signature on all financial accounts. Is authorized to allocate no more than $50 in emergency funds without committee approval. Is responsible for keeping the financial books for the committee. Shall give a verbal report to the committee every meeting and a written report every quarter (Three months).
Suggested sobriety is 3 years with service experience, a job, and an established address.
d. Secretary:
Is responsible for keeping the minutes at all meetings. Provides copies of the minutes, upon request. Is the liaison between the meeting facility and AOCYPAA. Corresponds to other groups. Is responsible for updating and maintaining AOCYPAA addresses and checking the PO Box. Is responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining AOCYPAA phone list and attending to any other secretarial business.
Suggested sobriety is 2 years with service experience.
e. By-Laws
Is responsible for upholding, creating, and informing AOCYPAA of proper procedures and requirements for the committee and to adopt and supply proper procedures of discussion, voting and other committee business. Is responsible for updating and amending all matters concerning the By-Laws of AOCYPAA.
Suggested sobriety is 5 years with a working knowledge of the 12 steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of A.A., and a great deal of serenity.
a. Entertainment Chair
Coordinates all planned events other than committee meetings. Prepares and submits budgets for the sound equipment or any other entertainment related expense, for each event to the committee. This includes, but is not limited to, all aspects of said events. Is responsible for finding committees to co-host our events.
Suggested sobriety is 2 years with knowledge of how to be entertaining as well as a good sense of humor.
b. Outreach Chair
Is responsible for getting all AOCYPAA literature distributed to central offices, Alano clubs, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings throughout Orange County, as well as to other young people’s committees in Southern California. Is responsible for informing AOCYPAA members of meetings and events sponsored by other committees.
Suggested sobriety is 1 year with a great smile, outgoing personality, and a car!
c. Literature Chair:
Is responsible for designing, copying, and supplying flyers to outreach for events. Is responsible for coordinating with entertainment so that flyers can be printed. Prepares and submits budgets for the flyers, for each event to the committee. Responsible for the copying of all documentation that the committee deems necessary. And to keep extra copies of the AOCYPAA welcome packet.
Suggested sobriety is 1 year with an artistic, yet hip, flavor.
d. Hotel Chair: (Bid Committee)
Is responsible for locating, contacting, coordinating with, and contacting prospective hotels, sites, and venues for ACYPAA or any other convention or event the committee deems necessary.
Suggested sobriety is 2 years with a professional attire, attitude, and knowledge of business dealings.
e. Service Liaison:
Shall act as out group representative at the district and area meetings. All district and area actions and events shall be reported back to the committee. This is a two-year minimum commitment.
Suggested sobriety is 2 years with service experience.
f. Central Office Representative:
Is responsible for carrying the message of AOCYPAA, as a liaison, working with the central offices of A.A. on O.C. Is to attend the central offices service meetings. Is to obtain letters of support for the bid package.
Suggested sobriety is 1 year.
g. H&I Representative:
Is responsible for carrying the message of AOCYPAA, as a liaison, working with H&I. Shall attend all H&I meetings.
Suggested sobriety is 1 year.
h. Web Master:
Must have working knowledge of HTML, FTP services and the internet. Must have a computer with Internet connection. Shall update the webpage for each event, but with a minimum of one update every month.
i. Security Chair:
Is responsible for organizing a security team for each event to provide security where needed and or requested.
j. Room Facilitator:
Is responsible for setting up and tearing down business meetings. Is in charge of organizing a crew to clean up after events. Working with the event chair, the Room Facilitator would prepare and submit budgets for the facility/room for each event to the committee. Should be willing to get their hands dirty and stay until everything is in the same or better condition than which we found it. Also, they are to make kick ass coffee at our business meetings.
k. Unity Chair
Is responsible to help foster unity within the committee as well as outside fellowship to all So Cal committees. Is encouraged to keep an updated calendar of events. Is to remain updated on new committees and where support is needed. Unity chair is responsible for calling all AOCYPAA members prior to an event and sub-committee meetings. Is responsible for putting together a welcome packet for new members which includes but not restricted to the duties of each position on the committee. Suggested time is 30 days with a willingness to reach out and be sociable.
l. Archives Chair:
Is responsible for all archives of AOCYPAA. This includes past items and the gathering of new items pertinent to the group.
m. Meeting Directory Chair:
Is responsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy of the Orange County Young Peoples Meeting Directory. Shall oversee the Directory’s design and layout as well as coordinate its printing and distribution.
n. Bid Package Chair:
Shall coordinate the completion, production, and transportation of AOCYPAA conference bid packages in accordance with the group conscience and conference bidding requirements. Must have past bid committee experience.
Suggested sobriety is 1 year.
o. Convention Liaison:
The Convention Liaison is responsible for attending the monthly planning meetings of all local conventions (i.e. OCAA convention and SOCALAA convention). The Convention Liaison will be in charge of facilitating panels, marathon meetings, and hospitality rooms at the convention when requested by the convention committee; and the Convention Liaison will report any pertinent information to AOCYPAA regarding said conventions.
q. Co-Chairs
The following Co-Chair positions shall follow their perspective requirements and shall perform all duties deemed necessary by their Chair. In the event of an emergency, they shall take the place of the Chair of said position:
Secretary Co-Chair
By-Laws Co-Chair
Entertainment Co-Chair
North County Outreach Co-Chair
South County Outreach Co-Chair
Literature Co-Chair
Hotels Co-Chair
Unity Co-Chair
Room Facilitator Co-Chair
Security Co-Chair
Meeting Directory Co-Chair
Webmaster Co-Chair
H & I Co-Chair
Service Liaison Co-Chair
Central Office Co-Chair
VIII. Appendix
1. In the event of a unique condition not covered in these By-Laws, the Chair or any other member may suggest a method of proceeding, which shall be temporarily adopted (for the meeting only) upon acceptance by a vote of 2/3 of the members present.